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Watertight & Structurally Sound

Cracked or Moving Basement Walls

Interior Reinforcement
Generally recommended when a wall is bowed or tipping approximately 1/2 inch and up to 1 inch. Bayer & Bayer who is a qualified basement foundation contractor or inspector looks at the wall to evaluate the situation. We make sure that all traffic areas will be protected.

Steel Columns: Each column will have a steel beam anchored and encased in block then filled with cement.

Column Being Filled
Beam Anchored
Column Completed
Column being filled
Beam anchored
Column complete

Corefill Pilasters
Corefill pilasters will be flush with the current basement wall. We remove one block at the top, insert steel rods (rebar) then fill core with cement.

Corefill Ready To Be Filled
Filled and Reinforced with Rebar
Completed Corefill
Corefill ready to be filled
Filled & reinforced
with rebar
Completed corefill

Steel Beams
Steel beams that have been constructed of rectangular steel tubes anchored into the floor joist and the footing approximately every 32”or 48” according to WAFRP (Wisconsin Association of Foundation Repair Professionals) standards.

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