Bayer & Bayer Inc.

Watertight & Structurally Sound

Our Misson

To provide repairs of the highest value and quality to our customer and community. It is our responsibility to effectively evaluate foundation challenges in order to provide an efficient and effective solution. We strive to exceed expectations with exceptional performance. Our commitment to safety, continuing education and innovation enables us to continually do what is right for each and every customer.


Our Pledge



Ralph & Jim Bayer

Bayer & Bayer Inc. is a local and family owned business Ralph started in 1956. Ralph's grandfather, Gustav brought the masonry trade and his family, including his son Otto from Germany. The trade was taught to Ralph by his uncle Otto. Since then Ralph has passed on his knowledge to his three sons, making them the 4th generation. Today Ralph and his son, Jim continue the tradition.

Home repairs can seem overwhelming and stressful.

A home is one of the most important financial investments, which is why Bayer & Bayer treats it as such. We rely on honesty and integrity not scare tactics. The company has decades of experience in masonry, starting with new construction. As journeymen masons we are expertly skilled in all areas of masonry. Our excellent reputation, for over thirty years in foundation repair and waterproofing experience is undeniable.

Your home's foundation is the primary support system. Without proper structural foundation support it can affect the entire house. This can lead to additional costly repairs. Many foundation problems are caused by settling and shifting of the soil. Changes in the soil lead to cracks and defects in the foundation. It makes sense to address your foundation problems promptly and with a professional.

Bayer & Bayer is one of the few companies that can turn a crawl space into a full basement. In addition, we have the capability to support an existing house, remove and rebuild the basement walls.

Call Jim for your masonry, foundation and waterproofing needs. We look forward to meeting you.